Besides our sound design studio we have the most complete foley stage in the Netherlands. We are specialized in foley for film and television drama and the foley stage contains different surfaces, dirtpits and an enormous amount of props. Foley artist Ronnie van der Veer worked on numerous national and international films.
In our studio we have all the facilities to record the best foley for your film or television show.


  • various floor surfaces: 7 wooden floors, concrete surfaces, tiles, metal etc.
  • dirt pits: sand, dirt, leafs, gravel, glass,
  • countless amount of props
  • a 900 liter water pool
  • a car
  • adjustable room acoustics

We can also provide high quality M&E tracks for foreign sales.

Check out IMDb for a tracklist of previous productions.

What is foley?

Foley is the art of recording sound effects synchronised with the picture. In a foley stage all the sounds are recorded that directly relate to the actors moves and have to synchronise exactly with action (e.g. footsteps, fight sounds, falls). Performance is a key factor because the sound the foley artist makes has to exactly match with what you see on screen. In the case of footsteps the sound has to match the character’s fysics, personality and mood. And ofcourse the rhythm of the recorded footsteps has to be exactly the same as that of the actor.
In the case of props we have an enormous amount of props that can squeak, creak, splash, ting or rattle, so we always manage to find the right prop that makes the sound we need.

Behind the scenes

The Dutch tv program “Klaas Kan Alles” visited our previous studio in Amsterdam in 2015. Watch a part of the episode here: (in Dutch)