Director: Jeroen Leinders
Description: ‘Tula, The Revolt’ is an international English spoken feature length movie about the leader of the big slave uprising on the island of Curacao, a Dutch colony in 1795. The movie won the Grand Jury Prize at the London Film Awards.
What we did:
foley recording and editing
Director: Eric Walter (Los Angeles)
Description: Documentary about the terrifying events taking place at the famous horror house in Amityville. Played at BFI London Film Festival, Fantastic Fest Austin etc.
What I did:
Audio post production, sound design, 5.1. surround mix with M&E
Animation: Junaid Chundrigar & David Bujakovic
Description: First episode of the internet show ‘Fanboy Rampage’ for Mondo Media
What I did:
sound design, voice recording, mixing
Director: Pieter Kuijpers
Description: Feature film starring Theo Maassen.
What I did:
foley (at Studio Vermaas)
Director: Daan Veldhuizen
Description: A documentary about contemporary community life in Sierra Leone. Won the Best Cinematography Award at Salem Film Fest and Nominated for Best Dutch Documentary at IDFA’11.
What I did:
sound design, audio post production, re-recording mixer at Editpoint
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